Building Healthy Communities,
Building Healthy Lives.

Stress has become a national health epidemic in the U.S. It manifests itself in predictable ways both in the home and in the workplace.

Your Whole Healing offers services both individually and through group educational programs to target stress through an integrative health approach. Rather than focusing on eradicating stress, Your Whole Healing focuses on supporting people in better managing stress.

Through the integration of mindfulness meditation, yoga, nutrition education and other therapeutic techniques, Your Whole Healing focuses on increasing resilience to stress and helping individuals and communities thrive.

Integrative Approach

Rather than focusing on eradicating stress, Anchoring Resilience focuses participant’s attention on utilizing mindfulness skills to help better manage stress. It teaches the foundational belief that embracing stress as a normal occurrence both in the workplace and at home can bolster resilience and help individuals better manage levels of stress as they occur.


Positive psychology offers a fresh approach to helping you strive towards better managing your stress and anxiety.  Rather than merely surviving in life, it focuses on the concept of thriving.

Positive psychology is the science behind positive emotions such as love, happiness and joy.  It focuses attention on what is going right in the present moment rather than focusing on the wrongs of the past.

Positive psychology can help you build on your strengths while helping you keep mindful attention on the present moment.  When used in conjunction with mind/body/spirit practices and traditional therapy, it can help you with strengthening your resilience to stress both at work and home.


Rather than avoiding or numbing these emotions, yoga provides an opportunity to approach feelings with loving kindness.  In this way, yoga becomes a wonderful compliment to therapy as it allows for the awareness and release of stuck emotions.  This combination allows for the healing of stress and anxiety through a mind/body/spirit integrative health approach resulting in the building of healthier relationships, an increase in experience of happiness and an ability to experience increased productivity in your job.