About Your Whole Healing – Cutting Edge Treatment

Your Whole Healing helps individuals to manage stress and gain resilience. The integration of mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and positive psychology provides clients with strategies to empower them through an integrative approach to healing from stress. Your Whole Healing helps facilitate change both on the individual level as well as helping to create healthy communities.

Your Whole Healing provides cutting edge treatment for stress and anxiety through the integration of the research on the gut-brain connection.  This research intimately links diet and overall well-being and emotional stability.

With a focus on the mind/body/spirit connection, Your Whole Healing provides individual therapy, and a variety of workshops and presentations focused on stress management and wellness.

These comprehensive services empower you to take action steps that will allow you to thrive; bringing you into a state of stability, strength and resilience.  Our work will be focused on skill building around better managing stress and removing the blocks of anxiety that get in the way of health and happiness.

Through an innovative and proprietary Anchoring Resilience program, Your Whole Healing offers companies an innovative stress management program focused on integrative health that will help increase health and well-being of employees thereby increasing productivity and leading to a healthy work environment.

Your Whole Healing also offers yoga both for businesses and the public to further facilitate the mind/body/spirit connection to increase resilience to stress.

About Stephanie Troy, LICSWInnovative Approach

Stephanie Troy, LICSW is the founder of Your Whole Healing which provides mind/body individual therapy and presentations focusing stress management and integrative health including her innovative program “Anchoring Resilience” which focuses on increasing resilience to workplace stress.

Stephanie’s work focuses on the connection of the mind, body and spirit, linking stability of emotions with a strong sense of health and well-being in the body.  Her approach provides nutritional counseling through the integration of the cutting edge research on the gut-brain connection.  She also provides yoga as a service to help facilitate this connection personally, and teaches yoga to bring students and clients into a healthier and happier place within.

Stephanie graduated with her MSW from Boston College in 1999 and has been a therapist for over 15 years. She has worked in Boston area hospitals providing individual and group therapy, mindfulness counseling, bio-psycho-social assessments, crisis management and as a liaison to an outpatient psychiatry team consulting on working with patients who experience both substance abuse and mental health issues.  Stephanie also taught yoga and nutrition education at her position at Cambridge Health Alliance.

A member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Yoga Alliance, Stephanie has published articles in various publications including “Where Do We Go From Here?;  The Path from Dis-ease to Wellness” published in the Huffington Post on July 22, 2016, “Yoga and Addiction; A Marriage of Acceptance and Tolerance” published in Elephant Journal on April 26, 2015, “For Me that Cup of Tea Felt Like Everything” published in Elephant Journal on November 13, 2013 , “In Celebration of Slowness” published in Elephant Journal on November 12, 2013, “There’s No Place Like Home” published in Elephant Journal.

Her blog, You and Me with Tea, is a compilation of writings on health, healing and wellness and serves as a virtual platform to share Stephanie’s work style with the world.

Over a cup of tea  Stephanie shares with her clients antidotes she has learned along the way combined with professional guidance on how to heal from burnout and stress.  Stephanie offers a unique blend of coaching combined with traditional therapy practices.  Rather than just surviving, Stephanie helps her clients Strive to Thrive!

Stephanie’s words – “The personal is the professional”

“I discovered integrative health at a time when I was struggling with burnout in my prior career as a licensed social worker in hospital-affiliated outpatient addictions clinics. Overwhelmed with stress on various levels, I was not well and often in a state of malaise.

Through the integration of holistic practices including acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness meditation and chiropractic care, I was able to regain my inner strength and resilience.

I embraced a path of health, healing and wellness that transformed my life both inside and out. I felt an increase sense of resiliency and ability to thrive in my life.

This process lead me to various trainings to create an innovative approach to therapy with a foundation in integrative health and wellness.  Incorporating these professional trainings with my personal healing path, I developed a style that is compassionate, relatable and informative. My style incorporates both coaching and therapy.  I am able to offer a unique perspective to my work as I continue to walk the path that I guide my clients to travel.”

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