The following are case studies of clients that I have worked with using an integrative mind/body/spirit approach. Initials are used to secure safety of confidentiality.


JK is a 45 year old married male, father of two children who began working with me in the summer of 2013.  He presented with a history of alcohol abuse and anxiety. While he initially was seeking support for sobriety, our work shifted to targeting core emotional issues that had been causing him to be stuck.

Due to issues rooted in his past, JK has been highly critical of himself and struggles with perfectionism.  Through our work together, he has found that these issues often get in the way of his ability to be present and enjoy life.  In his work life, his strive to be perfect can get in the way of meeting deadlines and increase his feeling of being overburdened with stress.

JK has a high IQ and had found that his intellect was a comfortable place for him to reside.  While this greatly helped him succeed in his career, it had disconnected him from his emotions. CONTINUE READING…


JC is a 26 year old single male who began meeting with me in spring of 2016 due to increased anxiety and difficulty concentrating.  While he had a long history of these symptoms, he had seen a significant increase more recently in his current job.  Later on in our work, he admitted that upon beginning or work together he was hoping for a diagnosis of ADHD and a referral for medication so that he would have “a quick fix” to his problems.

Through taking a detailed history, it appeared that JC was often distracted by racing thoughts, easily bored and not engaging in activities that he enjoyed.  He has a high IQ and often felt that he wasn’t stimulated enough to keep his interest. CONTINUE READING…