Vinyasa Yoga – mindfulness in action

Vinyasa yoga is a mind/body/spirit practice that links breath to movement.  The mindful attention to breath during practice effectively regulates the nervous system bringing you into a state of inner peace and stability.

Yoga is a wonderful practice to help with better managing stress. Through linking breath with movement, the practice keeps you anchored to the present moment while helping you detach from anxious or stressful thoughts of the past or the future..

The practice of yoga helps you cultivate mindful awareness of sensations and emotions arising in the body.

Rather than avoiding or numbing these emotions, yoga provides an opportunity to approach feelings with loving kindness.  In this way, yoga becomes a wonderful compliment to therapy as it allows for the awareness and release of stuck emotions.  This combination allows for the healing of stress and anxiety through a mind/body/spirit integrative health approach resulting in the building of healthier relationships, an increase in experience of happiness and an ability to experience increased productivity in your job.

Stephanie & Yoga: A partnership of building inner strength and resilience

Drawn towards yoga as an anxious Type A person in her mid 20’s, I found the practice helped bring me into a state of strength and emotional stability.  Initially focused on the physical practice of yoga, I came to class seeking a fun and energetic work out.  As I continued to attend classes, I eventually found that Vinyasa Yoga reminded me of dance; my very first love.  The practice of linking breath to movement choreographed to music brought back fond childhood memories.

The most meaningful gift yoga has given me is the reduction of the internal churning of stress and anxiety while helping me to embody a sense of inner strength and resilience. It never felt good enough to merely try to survive the stressors in my life.  Yoga helped me to thrive; feeling and increased sense of resiliency and inner peace.  This has inspired me to spread the message of mind/body/spirit healing through both teaching classes and individual sessions with clients.

Offering both public and corporate classes as well as private instruction.

Public class schedule

Sundays 10:15-11:30am    Central Rock Gym Watertown

Contact Stephanie for more information to schedule a corporate yoga class or private yoga session.